Thursday, September 09, 2004

Random Thoughts

Greetings from the land of the 2004 Republican National Convention. I am still in a state of euphoria after being part of the host state where we proudly put over 2000 of America's treason party behind bars. Too bad we couldn't create an exhibit at the Bronx Zoo just for you and your lib friends. We could have called it "Anus Maximus" otherwise known as "Bleeding Heart Sympathizer."

President Bush is enjoying quite the bounce in the polls right now. The media is not commenting much on it, probably hoping it will go away. As long as John Kerry keeps campaigning, George Bush's lead will widen. Once again this week John Kerry is against the war. First he was for the war, then he was only for the authorization of discussing the possibility of the President going to war. Then he voted against the $87 billion in funding for our troops. This funding included equipment vital to the safety of our soldiers. John Kerry then answered president Bush's question directly, saying that knowing what we know now that he would have gone to war with Iraq as well.

John Kerry has so many flip flops that it is getting hard for himself to remember what he said. With the bounce in the polls, Camp Kerry is in turmoil. They brought in a handful of former Clinton staffers to "revive" his campaign. Kerry himself even called former President Clinton and asked his advice on how to save his campaign. So now we have Clinton aides who want to see Hillary run for President in 2008, working for John Kerry. (Conflict?) John Kerry, since bringing on Lockhart, Begala, and Carville, has once again flopped on the War on Terror. First, he blasted the war in Iraq and stated that he would have done it all differently, that this was not the time for war in Iraq. He blasts our coalition of allies as "phony" This is diplomacy from the man who would be President? You just insulted 40 nations! Next he blasts President Bush for not providing proper funding for our troops as well as the necessary tools, such as body armor! Wait a minute Heinz boy-toy! You Voted against the $87 billion in funding!

John Kerry has been caught time and again changing his stance from week to week to try and get a great bounce in the polls. He has lied to America, insulted her allies, and betrayed his fellow Veteran's of the Vietnam war. America has noticed what is going on with this "candidate" as well as taking notice that he wants to spend excessively and raise taxes.


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