Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Iraq was right!

OK, I am sick of hearing that the Iraqi Liberation was the "wrong war, at the wrong time, for the wrong reason."

We liberated 30 million people! Athletes that were once tortured, are now competing in the olympucs. Women that couldn't go to school, are now being educated. Mass killings (at least 300,000 of them under Saddam) have ended. Plans to build WMDs and use them in a terrorist fashion are no more.

Yes, we lost 1,000+ lives. This is tragic, but certainly LESS tragic then the loss of 300,000.

Iraqi Mass Graves

We have spent about $100 billion, it seems alot, until you realize that our current Social Security and Medicare programs cost $44 trillion. The cost of the war is nothing compared to the cost of social entitlements. If you spent $5 bucks on social entitlements, you would be spending 1 CENT on Iraq.

A democracy in the Middle East is unprecedented in human history. I agree with former Democratic Senator Bob Kerry, in 20 years, no one will think Iraq was a mistake. I just don't get why the other Senator Kerry thinks it is now, especially considering he VOTED FOR the liberation.


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